Premium League Vambos Nottingham Season 2019

Our first championship in Nottingham, United Kingdom, soonest is starting!!!

Official partner of Vambos is Nottingham City Council

Official football pitch - Gregory Boulevard, NG7 6HB Nottingham, United Kingdom

Competition Format: The whole football event will be held as a league. Every team will play against all other teams twice. At the end the team with most points will be declared as a winner. 3 points will be given for a win and 1 for a draw.

Players: 5+1 (5 outfield players and a goalkeeper)

 Max. players: 12

 Min. players: 6

 Half-time: 2 x 25

Rules: Substitutes of the players are unlimited and will be taken only when the game is stopped. Tackles could be made to prevent the ball to go out for a throw-in, goal kick, corner, etc. Keepers are allowed to make sliding tackles only in the penalty area. All other sliding tackles are forbidden.

   1 place

- Cup

- Medals

- 10 Football shirts

- Quota for the World Cup in Paris, France 2019

   2 place

- Medals

- 10 Football shirts 

3 place

- Medals

Individual tournament prizes: Best Goalkeeper, Best Defender, Best Goal Scorer, Best Player